Alex’s March favourites
Handpicked highlights from the past month
01 Apr 2024
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We’re back with Alex’s monthly favourites for March!
In this series, Alex shares his top picks - providing a peek into his off-track interests and fixations.
So what did Alex watch, eat, listen to and enjoy in March? Let’s see…
1. Movie or series: “I haven’t watched any movies or series, zero. Maybe the ‘Outdoor Boys’ can count. It’s a YouTube channel where this guy and his sons survive out in the wilderness. I love that he’s surviving yet he brings things like herbs and spices with him. He’s so hardcore but also there to have a good time.”
2. Food-themed favourite: “I don’t eat out too much, but I did recently take Lily and her caddy Sam to this fish and chips place in Windsor. I don’t know what it’s called but it was near our Airbnb. They didn’t like the soggy vinegar chips but they liked the fish.”
3. Song or artist: “Shaboozey, Vegas - A COLORS SHOW.”
4. F1 moment: “The cupcake craziness at the Melbourne fanzone.”
5. Miscellaneous Favourite: “Just really happy & proud to see people wearing my new AA23 collection.”
Come back next month for Alex’s April picks!
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