Race Preview: Austria
Everything you need to know before Alex goes racing at the Austrian GP
27 Jun 2024
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Alex is ready to race at the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix.
The Red Bull Ring is one of the shortest circuits on the Formula 1 calendar at 4.318km. This 10-turn ride takes F1 cars just over 60 seconds to complete a single lap.
Its current layout features uphill braking zones at Turn 1 and Turn 3, which aid overtakes as DRS straights sit before both, while the tight T3 allows for a textbook pass.
Turn 4 ensues as a downhill entry, where it is tricky to slow before two fast left-handers follow shooting into a slight uphill before blasting around Turn 9 and Turn 10.
The final five corners usually see cars follow in single file, however, the short run means Alex won’t have to wait long for his next opportunity to jump up the leaderboard.
With the Sprint returning this weekend as well, we can’t wait to see our No23 battling for those all-important points!
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