READ: Alex's words ahead of the Canadian GP
See what Albono had to say at the Williams Racing Montreal Fan Zone ahead of this weekend
07 Jun 2024
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Looking back to Canada last year…
"Last year was pretty special for us. I remember we came into the whole race weekend and there was a bit of pressure around the race because we had an upgrade on the car that we had to fast track.
"There were a lot of people at the factory that basically had to work day and night, doing night shift hours, trying to get the car ready.
"So I felt a responsibility to make sure that the weekend went well, so to get those points was super rewarding.
"We had a long race. The strategists at Williams love to get me into the pits early and then hold on for the remaining laps, and that was very much another one of those races."
What to look out for this weekend in Montreal…
“It's normally raining and it's also normally very bumpy. I think they've resurfaced the track this year and we've spent a lot of time in the simulator trying to understand that.
"It doesn't change the feeling of the circuit, but it should mean that the track and generally the curbs will be less of a factor than they have been previously."
Driving in the wet…
"The biggest challenge is the tyres. They don't offer the grip that you would like as a Formula 1 driver. Especially when you have a thousand horsepower, it gets tricky out there.
"It's always a challenge coming to Canada because the rain seems to come and go quite a lot, which is unlike most other circuits.
"Making that prediction of the crossover between wet to dry tyres is a really big challenge."
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