READ: Alex's words at the Melbourne Fan Zone
See what Albono had to say when he spoke to a huge crowd at the Williams Racing Fan Zone
20 Mar 2024
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Ahead of the Australian Grand Prix, Alex stopped by the Williams Racing Fan Zone in downtown Melbourne to meet a huge crowd of fans. Here’s a selection of the standout moments.
On Returning To Melbourne
“We all [the drivers] love it. We call it the three M’s: Monaco, Montreal and Melbourne, they are our three favourite races. So we get here early.
I think when we think about some of the best races, we're always within a city. It's nice to be able to walk around and have some good coffee and all that kind of thing.
“The track itself is amazing as well. It's kind of a street track, but not really. To do a good lap, you have to really put yourself on the edge, push through it, and take risks – which is always fun.
“But at the same time it's got a good flow and, and generally we're [Williams] actually quite good around here, so that always helps. Last year we were on the back foot when we came here, and I think I was P6 or P7 – before I decided to crash!
This is like the worst race for [bad results] because you have such a long flight back to go back to the UK, so it's the most depressing flight in the world. But we have a good car and hopefully we can carry some of that good pace into this weekend.”
The crowd in Melbourne was amazing!
On The Start Of The Season
“The first two rounds have been so-so, I would say. We had a fairly competitive car actually, and I feel like our results haven't really reflected where we finished.
“The problem we have is that the top five teams, – Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston and McLaren – they're really quick, quicker than we would like. And the problem is that the sixth fastest team is quite far behind the fifth fastest team.
“So for us to get points it's been really tough. I think we can start to join the back of the top five, but I'm not sure how quickly we can do that.
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On Dealing With The Busy Schedule
“We have to plan things given it’s a little bit more intense than it was in previous years. So just managing the kind of the energy levels throughout this year is going to be very important.
“I remember Logan, last year, after the first three or four races in the year, he was always like, “What are you complaining about? It's so easy.” And then by Race 23, he was totally destroyed. So it does take a toll and it takes a bit of experience to learn how to look after your body. It will be a challenge.
“I have a three month rolling calendar. So three months ahead of where we are now, I pretty much have everything that I'm doing planned, and the sleep doctor is basically looking at my whereabouts and what I'm doing, and they plan my nutrition, caffeine intake, sleeping patterns, light exposure, stuff like that.
“So if you see drivers wearing sunglasses on the plane, it's not because they're divas, generally speaking – apart from George – we are doing stuff with the light.”
Alex’s Tips For Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship
“I think I'm very lucky. We both are, truthfully. So [Lily] has her sport and I have my sport. Strangely, we actually line up quite closely. So when she's in Europe, I'm racing in Europe, and when she's in America, I'm racing in America.
“We do a lot of FaceTime. If I have a free week, I'll go see her, and if she has a free week, she'll come see me. And that's it. Making the effort.”
On Dealing With The Pressure Of Racing
“I feel like pressure is so normal to what we experience. So, you know, when you're seven or eight years old, when you’re starting in karting, there's always a pressure.
“And then as you get older and older, you just feel like it's just normal to feel it. I would say the best drivers are the best at putting that pressure aside and just focusing on the job – but we enjoy it.
I think it's about turning that pressure and using it in a positive way. So when I get nervous before a qualifying session or a race – it's excitement.”
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