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No celebration is bigger in Thailand than Songkran
13 Apr 2024
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No celebration is bigger in Thailand than Songkran.
The festivities begin today as the nation sees in the Thai New Year.
Alex will be among those celebrating, before he turns his attention to next weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix.
The festival traditionally lasts for three days, beginning from the first full moon in April, according to the lunisolar Theravada Buddhist calendar.
Tourists come from far and wide to Thailand to take part in the vibrant water fights on the streets during the festival.
For most Thailand natives, Songkran is a time to come together with family and honour the older members of the community.
Families often play games together, as well as bathing important Buddha images, playing music and feasting.
For Alex, this will be an opportunity to reconnect with friends and family in Thailand, before the work begins again in a busy F1 season.
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