Alex's Pets Edition mini helmet available now!
Our No23 has a new lid for Silverstone
05 Jul 2024
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Alex’s Pets Edition mini helmet is now available to purchase!
To celebrate the latest AA23 capsule, our Thai racing driver will rock a new lid at Silverstone, featuring Stan, Otter and Moomoo from ‘the Albon Zoo’.
It’s not the first time Alex has worn a pets-inspired helmet design at the British Grand Prix as the Albon Zoo made a Formula 1 debut in 2022 and received plenty of love!
The helmet is striped with pastel colours from the collection and sports the graphics of Stan’s Racing Team, Otter’s Noodle Shop and Moomoo’s Golf Club.
In addition to the graphics, their respective titles have been carefully placed across the helmet, while the AA23 logo can be seen on the front of the design.
To remember the occasion, you can purchase a mini helmet replica now! Shipping worldwide, this special edition Pets mini lid is available below.
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Alex Albon 2024 British GP Pets Edition Mini Helmet
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