Meet the Pets
Time to get the low down on all of Alex’s pets
19 Jun 2024
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You’ve met some of the Alex team, but how about ‘The Albon Zoo’?
Alex’s family manage an account for the Albon Pets to showcase their beloved animals (also considered siblings to Alex & his brother and sisters: Zoe, Alicia, Bitbit and Luca).
In a growing family, currently made up of 12 cats, two horses, and one dog, we have decided to take stock and guide you through every household member…
The cats - 👸🏼🐰🐯🦁🐴🦆🐥🦋🐻‍🦒🦛🐆
Starting with the biggest group - our feline friends.
Introducing the princess of the palace, Looky (middle name: Cavalli), a white Persian cat who is particularly fond of her pink pillow. She can be easily distinguished by her blue eyes and her very own princess emoji. 👸🏼
Next up is Frooky, the best singer out of the Albons. Frooky (formerly referred to as Prada or Pea) is a light-grey Persian cat whose favourite activity is singing in the bathroom! 🐰
Time to meet the head of the household, Moomoo. Moomoo is twelve years old and is another Persian cat. He’s always looking to maintain the peace and order in the house, and enjoys watching over everyone from a high vantage point. 🦁
Moomoo’s twin Gucci (Gucster) is also twelve years old and far more hands-on with a single mission in life, to clean. 🐯 Together this pair maintain order and cleanliness in the Albon household. For the ones wondering, how do you tell the difference between these twins? The key is to look closely and pay attention to the details. Then you’ll see that Moomoo is more greyish, has a more rounded face (and is slightly bigger) and Gucci is more brownish, with a shorter face!
Stan (also known as Horsey, known as ‘Hugo’ to the vet), Albono’s favourite among the cats, stole the hearts of us all when he pulled off a brilliant performance in the 2023 pets teaser.
Apart from his impactful acting and directing performances, he is a protective brother and passionate foodie - with Nandos as his favourite dining spot. 🐴
Moving to our second dynamic duo of Duckie and Goosie. These beautiful grey twins are three years old and absolutely inseparable from each other. 🦆🐥
Duckie & Goosie
Co-parenting the Safari Kittens is a full-time job for these two but when not at work they love occupying the mixing bowl for a nice rest (or causing mischief…)
Sasha (also nicknamed “Sushi”), joined the family in 2022 and resembles Stan in terms of appearance! She finds particular joy in being wrapped up in a nice warm blanket for snuggles with some Nando’s if she’s lucky. 🦋
Then there is the final four of Blue Bear (Bottega), Gigi (Giraffe, Veneta), Hippo (Hip Hip, Dior) and Tiger (Tiggy Tiger, TikTok Chanel), generally known as the Safari Kittens, who all celebrated their second birthday last month. 🐻‍🦒🦛🐆
Blue Bear, Gigi, Hippo & Tiger
The horses - 🦄🐟
Tinky is a retired show horse with a prestigious past as a fast jumper and shares a birthday with Alex's sister Bitbit.
Despite being the oldest member of the family she still has a mischievous side and enjoys a nice roll in the meadow on a warm summer's day. 🦄
More recently, Tinky has been joined by Snow White, a 14 year old rescued Welsh pony. The two have quickly bonded and become good friends. 🐟
Snow White
The dog - 🦦
Having grown up around & surrounded by cats, Otter (Otto, Otti), the Border Collie believes he himself is also a cat at heart.
He showcases his playful nature by imitating his siblings, whether that be jumping on laps, scratching posts, or causing unintentional chaos.
Otto is at his happiest swimming and spending quality time with his two best friends, Alex, and Tinky. 🦦
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