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30 May 2024
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Following the launch of the Alex Albon Athletics Monaco Collection, we spoke to the Thai racer to gain an insight into his thought process behind the release.
The four-piece capsule stars a natural cotton-coloured chore jacket, 100% linen button-up shirt, Delft blue hat and the Room No. 23 Keyring.
Explaining the release, Alex said, “The overall collection is inspired by the aesthetic and culture around classic cars.
“When you drive these cars, it’s not just about going from point A to B, it’s about appreciating the history of the design and really connecting with it.
“So when you think about the full image and dressing the part, this collection is what comes to mind.”
It was important for Alex and the team that each piece be interlaced with the Monaco theme; everything had to be aligned creatively and fit into the holistic narrative of the collection.
Drawing inspiration from not only classic car culture but also Monegasque style trends, this collection intended to fuse its nostalgic themes with its more contemporary influences.
The new logo (exclusive to this release) with the crest, is intended to be incredibly elegant and regal to really match the visual and aesthetic associations Alex has with Monaco.
“The collection also continues to reflect my preference for good quality staples,” Alex shared.
“Which is why we’ve spent a great deal of time choosing these fabrics, designing the fit and look of each item, and evaluating even the smallest details like logo placement or the tag design.”
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