10:00AM // NOV 27, 2023
High Performance interview
November 27th 2023
In November of 2023, Alex appeared on the High Performance Podcast hosted by Jake Humphrey and Prof. Damian Hughes.
The first half of the interview was recorded after the Qatar Grand Prix at the Williams Racing factory. Following an early departure from the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, Alex decided there was still more to his personal story that he wanted to share with the world and returned to London, to record a second part to his chat with Jake and Damian.
As the video description outlines: “the conversations cover Alex’s rise through the ranks of racing, and his struggles when he was dropped by Red Bull, electing to stay with the team and improve the car for his teammates. Alex opens up on the learnings he has taken through difficult periods in his career and his personal life, which he believes have enabled him to develop the mental resilience needed to become a champion.”
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