5:00PM // JUL 1, 2024
Introducing our London Treasure Hunt!
Your chance to win some upcoming Pets Collection merch...
Hello, and welcome to our AA23 London Treasure Hunt explainer!
In anticipation of our upcoming limited edition pets collection being released, we wanted to give one lucky fan the chance to be the first person in the world (!) to get their hands on some of Alex’s new merch!
Scroll down to dive into the instructions in the search for a very special prize:
Those who wish to see Clue 1 need to stay tuned on the AA23 app or website at 10am BST tomorrow morning.
A picture is worth a thousand words, so keep your eyes peeled on the AA23 Instagram stories for Clue 2 tomorrow afternoon.
Keep track within the AA23 app as we send a push-notification for Clue 3 tomorrow afternoon (hint: in order to receive a notification from our app, you need to be a registered AA23 user).
When you find the treasure’s location, scan the QR code sticker to receive the instructions on how to successfully claim the treasure. Be quick, as there can be only one winner. Good luck & happy hunting!
Important note: You must be a registered AA23 user and have signed up for the fan passport in order to be eligible to win the treasure and to receive all the clues.
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